Aesthetic Designs
  • Aesthetic Designs


    What Designs You Will Receive:

    • 6 Custom Designs Total ( post & go)
    • 3 Instagram On Feed graphics
    • 3 Instagram Story graphics
    • Or all 6 on feed graphics 


    Information Needed For Designs:

    • Your Business Images, Logos, Promo Images, or Product shots. (PNG & JPEG Format)
    • Any upcoming sales or giveaways please provide information that you want to be included in designs (rules for giveaways, discount codes, prizes, etc.). The more detailed you are about upcoming events the easier it will be when creating the designs.
    • If you have a name, slogan, or hashtag you call your customers please include that name as well. 
    • If you have customer reviews you can include images of those as well. (Screenshots will work). 


    Once your order is placed, you will receive an email to the email address that was provided stating that your order has been received and asking for the following information listed above. (Response time 1-2days, with the information provided above. If NO email was received providing the information needed for the designs…a refund would be made).


    **Please Note**

    Depending on demand it may take up to 2-3days to be completed. Please be mindful and patient. Your order will be made in the order it is received. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.